Violin Family, Mandolins, Guitars, Repairs, Special Services
Serving the World since 2002
Our business is custom-ordered instruments

  • Custom color, antiquing, and setup for violin family, including
    fiddles CALL
  • Special ordering and custom setup and optimization for
    mandolins and guitars
  • Personal attention by Steve & Gianna to match you up with
    your ideal instrument
  • Full adjustment, repair, and acoustic optimization for your
    instrument or our new instruments
  • Mandovoodoo (tm) optimization - only available here
  • Get the setup YOU want - classical, folk, contest fiddle, old
    time - on your violin
  • Layaway, trade-ins, worldwide shipping, free consultation, bow
  • Lots of straightforward information on this site - browse a

PO Box 11
TN 37737
Visiting us:  While we no longer have a showroom, you can view
instruments and consult with us via appointment in our small
workshop.  Instruments can be dropped off in Knoxville by
appointment. We are no longer on Unitia Road, but that address will
show up in this site.

Shipping address: Please call or email to get our shipping
address.  Do not ship to the Unitia Road address in our banner.

THANK YOU ALL for your concerns following our recent
accident.  We're up and running and can still handle your
instrument needs.

Buying an Instrument:

  • See ordering to the left
  • We list general information about our lines and instruments we
    can order on this site
  • Our actual, in hand inventory we host on eBay if at all
  • Our direct prices are lower than our eBay prices - eBay
    simply costs more money to sell through
  • We accept credit cards, PayPal, and checks
  • You can visit to talk, try instruments, and purchase
  • Our YOUTUBE CHANNEL shows demonstrations of many of
    our instruments, comparisons, and demonstrations

Trials, Layaway, and Tradeins:

  • See ordering to the left
  • We have a no-fault return period - 3 days for mandolin and
    guitar, 7 days for violin
  • We will ship violins and bows on trial, subject to limitations
  • We'll take 20% down, balance due in 30 days on most items
  • We accept trade ins, with different amounts allowed on our
    branded items, items originally sold here, and outside items

Service Work:

  • Most instruments aren't performing anywhere up to their
    potential.  We specialize in getting the most out of violin family,
    mandolins, and guitars.
  • We can do custom setups the way you specify so your
    instrument plays the way you like.
  • We can use techniques developed by Spears, Fry, and others
    (including Steve Perry) to get a clean sweet tone, fast
    response, and exceptional clarity.

Brands Carried:

  • Violin family: Eastman, Ivan Dunov, Rudoulf Doetsch,
    Frederick Wyss, Albert Nebel, Leonard Smith, Jurgen Klier,
    Wilhelm Klier, Richard Henson, Martin Beck, Hiroshi Kono,
    Jean Francois, Ming Jiang Zhu, Nicolas Parola, Herman Luger,
    Keith Curtis Clifton
  • Violin bows: Arcos Brasil, Water Violet, IStrings, Hermann
    Luger, Coda, Tabary, Holtz
  • Mandolin family: Eastman, The Loar
  • Guitars: Eastman, The Loar, Recording King,  Ramirez,
  • Cases: Superior, Guardian, Heritage, Access, Boulder Alpine
Maker and seller violin, viola, fiddle, violin case, violin bow, accessories, support, appraisal, restoration,
mandolins, guitars.
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