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Frequently Asked Questions
Refer to this outline for detailed answers to most questions.   See below for a more traditional FAQ on other points.  

    Mandolin FAQ
General questions

Do you sell strings and other accessories?
We sell a limited range of strings and accessories.  If you’re looking for something, give us a call, 865-995-9546.  

Do you 'drop ship'?
For an additional charge, we can arrange for some distributors to directly ship items to customers (upon request & if
available).  We’ll only arrange for drop shipping items that do not require setup and inspection.  Unlike some Internet
retailers, we believe that drop shipping an instrument that requires careful setup bypasses the attention a customer should
get from a skilled luthier.  Instruments sent from distributors normally require additional setup.  We set up our instruments
very carefully and have a national reputation for good setup work.  On request, we will spend as much time as required
selecting the right instrument for a client, rather than just pulling something off the shelf.

I've read all the material on the site and am still not sure what instrument to purchase - how can I make an
appropriate choice?
Please give Steve a call at 865-995-9546.  He’ll figure out about what level of instrument will be appropriate and play through
a small selection to help you select.  He’ll also determine what kind of setup is most likely to be beneficial.

Can you ship an instrument without a case?
We ship instruments without cases all the time.  We double box and appropriately pack the instrument.  Our most common
box sizes are made especially for us and are heavier than generally used.

Do you have recordings your instruments for comparison?
We aren’t currently set up to record high quality sound.  Also, the additional time required to record everything we have
would be prohibitive for a small family store.  We’d rather keep our operation very efficient and continue to pass the savings
on.  The best thing to do is to call Steve Perry and have him play various instruments and remark on them.  An amazing
amount of detail comes through the phone once a few are played to get the listener used to the telephone sound.

How do I care for my instrument?
We highly recommend “The Rough Guide to Violin & Viola” published by Penguin and both “Common Sense Instrument
Care” and “Violin Owner’s Manual” from  
Stringletter Publishing.   Mainly, keep the instrument humidified at 40 - 80% and
make sure the bridge doesn't tip towards the fingerboard.

Do you sell used instruments?  
We discount these as appropriate to the condition. They are normally a very good deal because they are quite stable and
well broken in.  

Do you accept trade ins?
We accept trade ins on a case-by-case basis.  In line with industry standards, we generally offer 60% of street value.  We
determine street value by a quick search of online venues, including eBay, a consideration of demand, and an evaluation of
You'll generally do better selling things yourself.  We have to absorb the cost of cleaning and restoring the
item, putting on new strings, storing it, marketing it, and handle the associated overhead expenses.  We can't allow more for
a trade in than we could get the same item for new.  And we won't allow more than 50% of the new list price under any

I didn't bother reading your policies or understanding reasonable commercial business practices and now I
want you to do something we didn't agree on; why won't you?
We have policies in line with good business practices and the Uniform Commercial Code.  By using this site, you've agreed to
these terms and policies.  They are fair, reasonable, and in line with general business practices.  Relying on the terms
posted keeps us from getting into disputes because people know what they're getting into.  But we can't make you read the
policies and terms you're agreeing to when you order.