Fine Guitars from Eastman, The Loar, Recording King, Loriente, Ramirez
We find Eastman and the Recording King line offer really excellent performance at reasonable
prices.  Eastman and The Loar also offer the best budget archtops.  These instruments do not
play or sound like budget instruments.  

  • We do a thorough setup on each instrument
  • We will do custom setups
  • We shop our suppliers for discounted instruments, passing along the savings

How we sell:
  • Images and description on our eBay store
  • Prices direct are always better than on eBay - eBay costs more to sell on
  • We will special order anything you want from our suppliers

For current stock see our eBay store, but you're welcome to save money by buying direct.
EBay costs us more money, but they do offer some aspects some people like.

Please call with any questions, specific or general 865-995-9546
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